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Sony Could Release New Xperia With 6.4 Inch Display

Dom Joly Phone

If you thought that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a big screen for a Smartphone, then you are about to be shocked by the size of the new Sony Xperia, which is looking to have a HD Display measuring up to 6.4-inches.

Now, I can’t get my head around this because surely you buy either a tablet or a phone right. I mean, you will need seriously deep pockets to carry this phone around with you.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is big, but at least you can carry it with you.

The reports of this new super-sized screen have surfaced after an image of the glass panel was leaked on the Internet this week (which you can see below).

Sony Xperia 6.44 inch

Of course, this brings us to the next question, will it be called a phablet or will we move forward by calling devices such as these ‘Smart Devices’ in the future? The Phones Review site is asking this same question, and they state that you cannot call a device that boasts a 6.4-inch screen, a phone anymore. I agree.

It does seem that a lot of new “phones” are breaking the 6-inch mark this year, but when does the increase in size stop?

At this rate we will be holding phones that resemble the Dom Joly Nokia! Blog - Get a quote