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Survey regarding lost Gadgets

Reclaiming your lost mobile phone for recycling

Millions of people tend to lose one expensive gadget a year. It may be that they left their mobile phone or laptop computer at the bar or taxi. A new study also found that Northerners such as those in Scotland might lose their electronics after a night out. The survey was conducted by O2. They also found that around half of the 2,000 polled, never reclaimed their goods. Instead of looking for them, they just claimed the device on their insurance.

Many of the lost electronics are kept at the bar, taxi, train, or shops where they are lost. Some items can be lost in the parks. Mobile phones are the leading lost item to be at these locations. Losing phones or other electronic devices means that individuals are just leaving money lying around as they can be reclaimed and then recycled for money. After a year or more passes with lost electronic items, the companies turn them over to recycle centres and then donate the money to help young people. The phones do eventually become recycled.

For those who may have lost a device recently it may be worth looking for it in order to get the recycled amount for it. After all, it is money you have spent on the phone, so why not take advantage of the mobile phone recycling option? Otherwise, you can feel good about the money eventually being donated to young people or the UK. Blog

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