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Top 5 Learning Apps To Help Your Baby

Just continuing on from my last post about the fact that the majority of parents believe that owning a mobile phone makes them better parents. I wanted to share with you the top 5 learning apps for your baby.

baby with cell phone

I briefly mentioned that having access to a mobile phone means that you have access to a wealth of information, and in particular you have the opportunity to download plenty of free and helpful apps that can push your baby or toddler in the right direction when it comes to learning.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 apps.

#1 Learn To Relax


This has to be my all-time favourite app at the moment as it can be used for baby’s, toddlers, and even adults. There is a free and paid for version of the Relax Melodies app and it can be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

There are various different sounds that you can use, and you can customise different sounds and volume levels together to get the perfect relaxing notes for your little one. If you want to jump straight into the app then there are a collection of preset sounds.


Price: FREE

#2 Learn The Alphabet


This app is targeted towards 1 – 3 year olds, and it uses flash cards as a way to help children learn the alphabet by associating a letter with a word that starts with that letter. With this app you get the benefit of sight and sound which is ideal for many parents.


Price: 69p

Age Group: 1 – 3 years

#3 Learn To Pop Bubbles


Something so simple that can keep your child entertained on long car journeys, before meal times or when you just want a bit of peace and quiet is the Bubbles app.

The idea is that bubbles or balloons will appear on the screen and your toddler presses them to pop them.


Price: 69p

Age Group: 1 – 2 years

#4 Nursery Rhymes

nursery rhymes

For all parents out there looking for a story or nursery rhyme app then this is the one to get.

The app is interactive, the narration is clear and concise and you get to watch and hear classic nursery rhymes and their characters.


Price: 69p

Age Group: 1 – 4 years

#5 Understand Shapes


You can challenge your children and as well as have fun with the learn shapes app, and this app will certainly help them identify colours and shapes.


Price: FREE

Age Group: 1 – 2 years Blog

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