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Unreleased BlackBerry 10 Handsets Appear on eBay

Unreleased BlackBerry 10 Developer Handsets Appear on eBay

Many of you I’m sure are eagerly waiting the unveiling of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Operating System and collection of Smartphone’s which will be unveiled later this month.

However, in the meantime, Research In Motion pushed out several BlackBerry 10 handsets for developers and it appears that they are already making their way onto eBay, and the price tag is pretty high to say the least.

One of the listings (which ended New Years Eve) saw the phone sell for $999.99 whilst a second phone sold for $900. Unfortunately if you want to get your hands on one of these phones early on then you will have to see if any other phones make it onto the auction site, as these were the only two phones present.


If you want to buy one of these phones, and have the money at hand then don’t forget that the phone is a demo so you won’t get any warranty if anything should happen to the phone.

It is also worth pointing out that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha might have an end of life built into the operating system, so it could just end up as a redundant gadget more than anything.


If you are a BlackBerry enthusiast then this would be a great collector’s item, and something of a rare device that not many people will own.

Other than that, you don’t have too long to wait until the official unveiling at the end of January. Blog

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