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White Mobile joins PAYG mobile market

Many mobile users have become tired of contracts and rising prices. This has lead to an increase in pay as you go, or PAYG, services. Once thought of mainly as a way for parents to control their children’s’ mobile minute spending, this option is becoming more and more popular.

One of the most recent services to become available in the UK is White Mobile. This service, founded by former Virgin Mobile executive Graeme Hutchinson, has mobile phone users eagerly waiting to see what White Mobile will offer to them.

The top reason why many are switching to White Mobile and other PAYG services is to cut costs. Paying for your airtime in advance may save as much as 75 per cent, and since many people are struggling to pay all their bills, these savings can be a very welcome relief.

Many users are concerned about whether they’ll still have access to data plans. Most of these providers do offer data, often at a greatly reduced rate. Another helpful incentive is that many PAYG providers allow you to make free calls to others on your network.

PAYG options are also very easy to purchase; in many cases, you can get a free SIM card from a provider online. Mobile phones for PAYG plans are available from many retailers, both in stores and online. Blog

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