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Why Do You Keep an Unused Mobile Phone? (SURVEY)

We recently conducted a survey of over 1,100 people asking them if they own a second unused phone, and if they did, why they still keep hold of it.

In a world where we are seeing vast improvements in mobile technology, the frequency of new state of the art Smartphone’s breaking on to the scene has more than doubled in recent years.

You don’t just have the likes of Apple running the show now, Samsung, Nokia, Google and now HTC and BlackBerry are taking their new phones to the limits of design and usability.

One major issue with Smartphone’s of today is that the battery life isn’t brilliant, and the durability has taken a dip. This is why 52% of the people in the survey replied with “I keep an unused phone just in case my current phone breaks”.

The other three popular choices were 19% of people saying that they are too lazy to get rid of their old phone, 18% who have no idea what to do with their phone, and 15% who have serious concerns about personal data being jeopardised if they sell or recycle the phone.

Unused Phone Stats

If anything these stats show that even though recycling has come a long way in the past few years, many people are still unaware of it. It also shows that people are very cautious on what personal data is held on their phones and what will happen once the phone is sold. Blog

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