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Would Apple Seriously Consider a Low-Cost iPhone 5?

Apple iPhone 5

Recent news stories are detailing plans that Apple may be looking into creating an iPhone 5S along with a low-cost iPhone 5 which we could see hit the shelves in June or July.

Even though this news is widespread I just can’t see Apple doing this for the iPhone, even though it would help them regain some lost ground in the Smartphone race by helping customers who otherwise couldn’t afford an iPhone, now afford one.

They seem to have had great success from the iPad Mini that was a scaled down version of the larger iPad, and aimed at a different audience.

How Can They Offer a Cheaper iPhone?

The only way they could offer a cheaper iPhone is by cutting the spec down and looking into cheaper materials. However, by developing a plastic chassis and marking down the spec, would this really be appealing?

In my eyes, this wouldn’t be an iPhone as we know it, it wouldn’t be a state of the art Smartphone which the iPhone has come to resemble since 2007. Instead, it would be a shell of the real thing, and for the price of a cheaper iPhone, my guess is that you could get a better spec’d Smartphone from another leading brand (like Samsung).

What do you think? Do Apple need a cheaper iPhone or do they need to stick with what they have? Blog