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You Need To See This: Gangnam Style Flipbook Animation (VIDEO)

Gangnam Style Flipbook

I was searching through YouTube last night to see what inspiration I could gather, for a fun post that I usually publish on Friday’s, however this one just couldn’t wait!

I stumbled across a Gangnam Style flipbook animation that left my jaw on the floor by the end of it.

Whether you are a fan of the song or not, this flip book is truly impressive and would have took the artist a long time to pull off.

Gangnam Style was of course the K-Pop music single by PSY, and fast became a YouTube sensation when it took the world by storm towards the mid-part of last year. The video became the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views (it’s currently at 1.2 billion views).

Check the flipbook video below:

Due to copyright laws the music has been removed from the video, so you will need to play this in a separate tab if you want the full effect. Blog