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Boots Recycle

Boots Recycle

Visit the Boots Recycle website.

About Boots Recycle

If you are a regular shopper at Boots you can now trade in your old mobile phones in return for Boots Advantage Card points. All you need to do to get the Boots points onto your card and complete the mobile phone exchange is to first register online with them at Boots Recycle, this will give you an instant points value for the mobile phone that you are wishing to sell. You can either search by manufacturer if you are unsure of the model or you can search by the model if you are fully aware of exactly what model type your mobile phone is.

Boots will then confirm the Advantage Card points that they can offer you for your mobile phone and then if you are happy they will provide you with a freepost address to where you can send your phone to. Once Boots have received you phone they will confirm this with you so you can collect your points.

To collect your points simply go to the Extra Offers Kiosk in any of the larger Boots stores across the country and you can then redeem them to spend as you like in any Boots stores.

If you don't have a Boots Advantage Card but would like to claim points by selling mobile phones then you can sign up for a card free at Boots and then complete the steps above to redeem your points. - Get a quote