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Cash Berry

Cash Berry

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About Cash Berry

With the increasing concern over the environment, mobile phone recycling has come as a much needed scheme to help reduce the amount of mobile phones that are left unused in the UK, and CashBerry are here to help you get the most money back for any Blackberry smartphones that you no longer need.

As CashBerry specialise in Blackberry handsets, they can offer you the top prices for them, whether you are an individual looking to recycle or a business.

Step 1: Your old Blackberry mobile phone could be worth up to 250 when you recycle it in with CashBerry. So, to begin the process of trading simple search for your Blackberry model and then fill in your contact details and use the quick checkout options.

Step 2: You will then need to send your Blackberry to CashBerry through the post using the FREEPOST padded envelope that THEY provide for you.

Step 3: Sit back, and wait for the cheque to fall through your letter box, or the BACS transfer to hit your bank account.

CashBerry also provide a free data deletion service if you send off your phone with private data on, along with same day payment once your mobile phone has been checked over and processed.

CashBerrys Top Advantages of Recycling:

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Save precious fossil fuel and reduce CO2

Many Mobile Phone components are re-used

Phone batteries can be safely taken apart

Reduces the amount of waste in landfill sites

Third world Countries afford newer technology

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