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If you want to sell a broken phone, there are currently several options for recycling and receiving cash for your good deed. In order to get the best price for your particular model, you’ll want to research carefully and read the fine print to make sure you’re possessions are protected. Not only may you find success on large classified and auction sites like eBay or craigslist, but there are now several sites devoted to keeping broken phones out of landfills by offering cash and recycling these items for you.

Who Buys Broken Mobile Phones?

The first step to take when you want to sell a broken mobile is to research the companies that are willing to buy it. A quick entry into your favorite search engine should return several online sites that buy broken mobile phones and other electronics. Most of these sites offer an online quote form for quick entry of your brand and model. You’ll get a quote immediately and discover the price you can expect to receive when you sell a broken mobile to any of these companies.

How to Sell Your Broken Phone

Before you make the final decision to sell your broken phone, compare quotes among companies and check the fine print. Some companies offer quotes for phones that are in working condition and while they may accept a broken mobile, they may not be able to tell you its value until they receive and inspect the item. Other companies allow you to specify the condition of your item, reasons that you suspect the phone is not in working order and other items you may want to include in the sale, such as chargers, cables or the original box. Also look for companies who offer free shipping of your broken mobile.

Making the Sale

Once you’ve got an idea of the value and price you can ask when you sell a broken mobile, you have additional options. You may wish to list your item on auction sites or within the local classifieds to see if buyers may be interested. This may require more effort on your part, however, as you’ll want to take pictures and list specifics for the item. To sell a broken phone quickly, your best option may be to take advantage of one of the online companies that buy broken phones and electronics. Be sure there is a return policy, in case of misunderstanding, and check for payment specifics. Blog

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