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Difficulty Level: 1/5

Before wiping your Samsung Galaxy SIII we urge you to make a backup by either using an app service, or just by simply connecting it to your PC and syncing the data.

Step 1. Once you are comfortable, and are happy to reset the phone. Simply look for the settings option in the phones menu. In this section you will find a Privacy button which you need to tap to move to the next step.

Step 2. Under the privacy option you will need to scroll to the Factory Data Reset setting, and then tap the Reset Phone option. (Don’t worry, as this isn’t the last step, you will get to confirm the action in Step 3.)

Step 3. The final step; simply tap the Erase Everything option which will then begin to restore your Galaxy SIII to a factory state. Depending on the data you have on the phone, will vary the time it takes to complete. Usually a few minutes and your phone will be restored to a fresh state.

Once completed your Samsung Galaxy SIII will be ready to recycle.

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