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Why Turn Your Phone Into Cash?

Why Turn Your Phone Into Cash?

When you're upgrading to a new handset, quite often you're left with the old one - which then sits there collecting dust, or goes for a terrible price on eBay that makes you wince as you realise that it's costing you almost as much in postage as you're making from the sale itself. But there is another option - use to find prices for your old phone that are miles above what you'd expect to get.

The advantage, primarily, is that you're going to get a considerable amount of money for something that would be lying around unused anyway, and whether the cash goes on your new phone from O2, a holiday, or daily expenses, you've given yourself a considerable chunk of change to work with, and in the recession that's a very wise thing to do indeed.

So what are the other advantages? Well, if you get into the rhythm of it, you can keep up with the latest mobile technology while avoiding breaking the bank, as cashing in on a regular basis is going to enable you to upgrade potentially for free, as you're cancelling out early upgrade costs by using the value of your old phone at

Just make sure you take the smart precautions - a factory reset of the phone before you post it is a very good idea, as you don't want any personal information or login details hanging around on the device once it's no longer in your hands. It's also worth looking around for the best company to send the phone to - we use a strong ratings system that allows us to show you that while site A may offer 10 more, site B is far more reliable. We do this for one simple reason - to protect our users.

So get out there and get browsing - there's money to be made, and less with every day you wait!

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