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Phone Recycle Bank

Phone Recycle Bank

Visit the Phone Recycle Bank website.

About Phone Recycle Bank

With the mobile phone recycling craze growing by the week more and more people across the world are taking advantage of trading in their old mobile phones for cash. With Phone Recycle Bank you are guaranteed a fantastic price when you sell your mobile phone with them, everything can be done online and what's more Phone Recycle Bank even accept broken mobile phones, so whatever the age or whatever the condition of mobile phone you are in good hands with Phone Recycle Bank.

All you need to do is enter your mobile phone model into the search box provided by Phone Recycle Bank and you will be presented with a results screen in which you can see how much you can sell your mobile phone for. Once you are happy with the price you can continue the process online and Phone Recycle Bank will then send out details to your email address on how you can go about sending your old mobile phone to them.

The whole process takes minutes and the benefit is you don't pay a penny as a FREEPOST address is provided when you come to sending the phone off.

Once Phone Recycle Bank have received your mobile phone safely your money will be sent out in form of a cheque that will be delivered to your door within a few days.

Returns Policy

You are entitled to cancel your Order and request the return of you Phone (if the Price has not already been paid) at any time up until 7 days after you receive an order Confirmation Email or, if applicable, 14 days after received a Revised Price Email.