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Sell Your Mobiles

Sell Your Mobiles

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About Sell Your Mobiles

Selling your phone is a big scheme in the UK that has grown ten-fold each year to provide users with the chance to get money, and help the environment out by reducing the number of old mobile phones that have been left unused.

Sell Your Mobiles will guide you through 3 stages, that is simple and easy to understand.

Firstly use the drop down box just under the navigation menu to pick the make of your mobile phone, and then type in the model of the phone in the box next to it and hit Find Mobile to bring back the results for the phone you wish to sell.

The next page will detail what Sell Your Mobiles offer for that specific phone, and if you are happy to sell it for that price you can continue the process and head to stage 2.

The next step is filling in some information, this will include your name and address, along with your e-mail address and how you would like payment. You will then receive information via e-mail on how you can send the mobile to Sell Your Mobile. They will send out a trade pack and freepost envelope to allow you to send the mobile off without it costing you.

The final stage is the all important part of getting paid by Once the guys have received your mobile phone and just checked it over to verify the make, model and condition that you have described it to be in, payment will be issued. Within 5 days you will receive the cheque to the address you stated in stage 2.

Thats all there is to it, so if you fancy making some money off any old phones that you have lying around, collecting dust, just head over to Sell Your Mobiles and get searching!

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