The iPhone 5 came out in 2012, and showcased a slight design overhaul, bumping the size of the screen up to a then-record four inches. Apple also introduced a better selfie camera, now with a 1.2MP lens, and more up-to-date tech specs inside.

iPhones have improved an awful lot since 2012, however. Screens are bigger and better quality; they work faster; and there are more features on board, like Apple Pay, dual-lens cameras, and a whole lot more internal storage than 16GB.

If you still have an old iPhone 5 knocking around in a drawer, the good news is that you can sell it and make a bit of money. Here's everything you need to know to find the best deal.

How to sell your iPhone 5 16GB

To sell your iPhone 5 for the most money, compare quotes right here with SellMyMobile. You can see all the available offers from UK recyclers on this page - just make sure you choose the correct storage size, condition, and network so you get accurate quotes.

All you need to do is pick one that looks good. See which recycling company will give you the most money for your handset, and remember to look at things like their payment policies so you can find a deal that suits you. Then just give us your details so we can get the ball rolling.

Next, mail the recycler your phone - you'll be given a postage pack or label, though you're free to sort your own postage if you prefer - and you'll be paid once it arrives with the recycler. Easy.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty iPhone 5 16GB?

Lots of mobile recyclers will buy broken iPhones, but for quite a bit less cash compared to working or brand new handsets.

To see how much you can get for a faulty iPhone 5 16GB, choose 'broken' on the grid above. This covers phones with excessive wear and tear, scratches, cracked screens, dodgy batteries, and more.

However, if your handset is considered beyond repair - for instance, if it's twisted or snapped in two, or has serious water damage - you may not be able to sell it at all. Check with the recycler if you have any doubts.

Can I sell a water damaged iPhone 5 16GB?

It's possible. Some mobile recyclers buy phones with water damage, but usually only if the phone switches on and works fine.

To find offers, look for quotes on a broken iPhone 5 as above, and contact the recycler or check their terms and conditions if you're not sure of their policy on liquid damage. It can also be worth choosing a recycler with free returns, just in case your phone can't be accepted.

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