Back in 2014 when it was launched, the Galaxy S5 helped secure Samsung's place in the mobile world. It was an innovative handset, with specs that blew most of its contemporaries out of the water - and finally a real rival to the iPhone at the time.

That meant significant improvements over the old Samsung Galaxy S4, with a new 16MP camera, fingerprint sensor, and smoother-looking design.

Of course, the S5 is no longer the technological tour de force it once was. It hasn't got a curved screen like Samsung's later offerings, its innards are dated, and much higher resolution displays are now available. It's time to sell your old Galaxy S5 and put the cash towards your new phone.

How to sell your Samsung Galaxy S5

Take a look at the comparison table above to see all the best offers from gadget recycling companies on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Make sure you choose the right network and condition for your phone so that you get the right quotes too. New and working models usually sell for more, as do unlocked handsets.

Pick an offer from a recycler you like that pays you plenty of cash, and select it to sign up.

Next, just post your phone to the recycler using the postage pack or label that they give you. Once they receive your handset, they'll send out your payment - often on the very same day.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty Samsung Galaxy S5?

Offers are quite a bit lower, but yes, a number of mobile recyclers will buy faulty Samsung phones.

Just select the 'broken' condition on the comparison table to see the current offers on a damaged Samsung Galaxy S5. Pick an offer, following the guidance above, and send off your phone.

A smartphone usually counts as 'broken' to recyclers if the screen is cracked, the body has scratches or dents, or if it doesn't power up, and you can likely still sell it. These guidelines vary quite a bit by recycler though, so you may need to check the company's terms and conditions before sending your phone if you're not sure.

Can I sell a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S5?

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 is certified as water resistant, it can still get liquid damage from a little too much water - and that can make it more difficult to trade it in.

However, some recyclers do buy water damaged handsets, provided they're otherwise in decent working order. This usually means they must be able to switch on without issue.

To find offers on yours, look up quotes on a broken model right here, then check with the recycler if you're not sure liquid damage will be accepted.

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