The Samsung Galaxy S6 was released in 2015, and was the first in the Samsung Galaxy line to also have an 'Edge' sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The standard Galaxy S6 didn't have a curvy screen, but still looked stunning at the time thanks to a glass-and-aluminium body and a Quad HD resolution display.

Samsung dropped the SD card slot and waterproofing for this model, which saddened a lot of fans - though it did introduce some major improvements to the processors, memory, and cameras.

The S6 might have impressed us at the time, but it's not quite at the cutting edge of technology any more. Besides, you may have used up all 32GB of the storage space by now. Ready to sell your Galaxy S6 32GB and get some cash? Our comparison table is all you need.

How to sell your Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB

Use the table above to find out which mobile recycling company will give you the most money for your Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB. Make sure you've chosen the right storage size and condition for your phone so that you get the most accurate quotes.

Select an offer you like - look at each recycler's payment methods, returns policy, and rating as well as how much money they're offering - and enter your details.

Once you've registered, you'll receive a postage pack or label so you can send the buyer your smartphone. Then, when they've received the handset and checked it over, your payment will be sent out.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB?

Lots of recycling companies buy damaged smartphones, including broken Samsung Galaxy S6 handsets. Select 'broken' on the table above to see all the available offers.

You'll get less cash than you would for a working phone, and less choice over who to sell to, but there's still a good chance you can find a company who will buy it.

A phone usually counts as broken or damaged if it has a cracked screen, a dented or chipped body, a faulty OS, or broken buttons. If it's completely unfixable, however, you may not be able to sell it at all. Be as honest as you can with the recycler about your phone's condition to keep things as fuss-free as possible.

Can I sell a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB?

It's possible to sell a Samsung Galaxy S6 with water damage, though it's not guaranteed. Some recyclers do buy water damaged phones, provided the handset still works - but only a few.

To find them, the best thing to do is to compare quotes here for a broken Galaxy S6, and check the recycler's terms and conditions to make sure it will accept one with water damage or liquid ingress. You can do this once you click through on an offer and enter your details.

Bear in mind you may get paid significantly less for a water damaged phone… but it's still a far better option than throwing it in the bin.

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