With the Galaxy S7, Samsung took all the innovation it had brought with the Galaxy S6 and perfect it. It didn't have a curved screen - you'll find that on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - but it did have some of the best smartphone specs that 2016 had to offer.

That included a QHD-resolution display, an octa-core chipset, a 12MP camera with dual pixel technology, and a battery that both lasted longer and charged faster.

Of course, the S7 is no longer the latest or shiniest phone in the Samsung Galaxy range. If you bought one back in the day, you're likely moving onto a newer and better phone now, and want to sell your old S7. Read on for everything you need to know about selling your handset with SellMyMobile.

How to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

To find the best price on your old Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB, check the comparison table above. Choose the right condition for your phone, and which network it's locked to, and you can see current offers from UK gadget recyclers. New and working phones sell for the most money, and unlocked handsets usually sell for more than locked ones.

Choose a nice high quote from a recycler that you like, and select it to register your details.

Then, all you need to do is mail your phone off. Recyclers will send you a postage pack to use, or you can print out a label or sort your own postage. You'll be paid as soon as the company receives your phone, either by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, or another method. Some even let you donate the amount to charity.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB?

Yes - a good number of recycling companies are happy to buy broken Samsung Galaxy phones.

Choose 'broken' from the options on the comparison table for all the available offers on a damaged Samsung Galaxy S7. Be warned that they'll be a fair bit lower than quotes for a working handset, but you can most likely still get something for it.

Quotes for a broken handset cover everything from cracked screens, damaged or dented frames, and broken buttons or keys. However, if it can't be repaired - such as if it's completely broken in two - selling it may not be possible.

Can I sell a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB?

It depends on the recycler, but some do buy smartphones with water damage. Search for offers on a broken phone, using the steps above, if yours has sustained damage from water.

Be as honest as you can about its condition, as not all recyclers can accept the order. Since the Galaxy S7 is water-resistant, it would probably have taken a bit of a battering for it to get liquid ingress and you may not be able to sell it. If it switches on and mostly works, you'll have more luck - but check with the recycler for more details on what's accepted.

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