The Galaxy S7 Edge was the version of Samsung's 2016 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7, that added those trademark curvy edges to its screen. It was a little bigger too, with a 5.5-inch display, and plenty of improvements on the previous Galaxy S6 Edge. For a start, it was water-resistant, and brought back the SD card slot as well as upping the processors, cameras, and battery to more 2016-level specs.

However, it isn't quite cutting-edge any more. If you like to keep up with the latest devices, you must be ready to sell your old S7 Edge now. Here's all you need to know to start selling.

How to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB

Use SellMyMobile's comparison table, and you'll be able to see the best offers right now on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB from all the UK mobile recyclers we can find. Choose the right condition, storage capacity, and network for your phone to get the right prices - unlocked handsets usually sell for more money, so you could benefit from getting yours unlocked first.

When you spot an offer you like from the table, click through and give us your details. The recycler will send you a postage pack or give you a label to print out - use this to mail your phone off, and you'll get paid in just a few days.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB?

Yes - many recycling companies buy broken Samsung Galaxy phones, though they offer quite a bit less cash for them than they do for working ones.

Finding quotes for a damaged Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is easy - just choose the 'broken' condition on the comparison table.

Handsets with a cracked screen or chipped body count as broken, and you can still get cash for them. If your phone is totally unfixable, however - if it's snapped in two, for example - you probably won't be able to sell it. Check the recycler's terms if you're not sure what condition they'll accept.

Can I sell a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB?

This depends on exactly how damaged your phone is. Since the Galaxy S7 Edge is water-resistant, it takes quite a bit of water to damage it, and it may be beyond repair.

The good news is that some recyclers do indeed buy phones with liquid ingress. If your phone still basically works as normal despite the damage, you can likely sell it as a broken phone - but if it doesn't even switch on, it will be much more difficult to find a buyer. Check with the recycler if you're not sure of their policy or whether your handset will be accepted.

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