When it was released in 2014, the iPhone 6 looked like no iPhone we'd seen before. It brought a new, smoother design, and a bigger, higher-res screen than its predecessor the iPhone 5s had. As well as that, it was the first iPhone to include Apple Pay - alongside its larger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus.

It was an impressive handset back then, but it's hardly innovative any more. If you bought an iPhone 6 a few years ago, you're probably ready to sell it. It's now quite a few generations behind, and missing a lot of the latest features - plus, if you have the 16GB version, you likely ran out of storage space a while ago.

How to sell your iPhone 6

To sell your old iPhone 6 for the most money, compare offers with SellMyMobile. Take a look at the comparison grid above, and choose the buyer that offers you the best deal. Remember to think about how much cash they're offering, available payment methods, and how highly the recycler is rated. Once you've picked an offer, click through to register and enter your details.

Next, you'll get a postage pack. Use it to send the company your phone, and you'll be paid once they receive it.

You'll get the most money for a working iPhone 6, and even more if it's brand new and still in its box. Recyclers also offer more cash for unlocked phones, so if yours is locked, it could be worth contacting your network to get it unlocked first.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty iPhone 6?

Lots of recyclers buy damaged and broken iPhones. Just select 'broken' from the condition options above, and we'll show you all the current offers on faulty handsets.

You can likely sell an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen, scratches, a dented body, or a dodgy operating system - but can't usually sell it if it's broken beyond repair, such as one that's snapped in two.

Exactly what's accepted depends on the buyer, however. Check the recycling company's terms and conditions if you're not sure, and be prepared for your initial quote to change once they receive and test your phone.

Can I sell a water damaged iPhone 6?

It's more difficult to find a buyer, but some recyclers do indeed buy iPhones with liquid ingress, so long as the phone still switches on and works. Again, check the recycler's terms and conditions for more information.

Unfortunately you'll get quite a bit less money for a water damaged phone than you would for a fully functioning one, but it may still be possible to sell it.

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