Our best price guarantee

At SellMyMobile, we guarantee you won't find a better price on the web for your old phone. In fact, if you do find a better offer, we'll refund you the difference.

As long as you find a higher price within 24 hours of placing your order, we will refund you the difference.

Please read the below terms and conditions before submitting a claim to make sure you’re eligible:

Terms and Conditions

  • You must complete the claim form below within 24 hours of placing an order to sell your mobile with a recycler you clicked through to from SellMyMobile.com. The recycler you choose must be offering the highest price on a results page on SellMyMobile.com. Your claim will be ineligible if you place an order with a lower paying recycler in an attempt to increase the price difference. Only one best price guarantee claim is permitted per person, even if selling more than one device. The higher price must be available at the time you contact us as determined by our customer service representatives. Even if you find a higher price you still need to go ahead and complete the order you have placed with the recycler you clicked to via SellMyMobile.com. If your claim is successful we will pay you the difference after the order you have placed has been completed and approved by the recycler. You must provide proof of your completed order and the proof must show the GBP (£) amount that you've been paid. If you do not fulfil the order you have placed this cancels your right to claim under this guarantee.
  • The price you are comparing must be a 'like-for-like' comparison. It must be an identical specification as the price represented on SellMyMobile.com in all aspects including, but not limited to, the following: device quality and condition grading or categorisation (e.g working/broken/new), total devices & accessories required for price, payment method (e.g. cash/cheque/voucher) and postage method (postbag/freepost label).
  • The price you are comparing must be on a legitimate, trustworthy mobile phone recycling or trade in website that is not listed in results on SellMyMobile.com, even if there is an alternative higher price from the same recycling company from their direct website or any other affiliate channels. The decision as to whether a recycling company is deemed to be legitimate and trustworthy is at the sole discretion of SellMyMobile.com Ltd, who will take into account:
    • Publicly available customer reviews on unbiased review websites such as Trustpilot
    • Industry knowledge and/or prior experience of the better price recycling company
    • Any other relevant contributing factors as decided by SellMyMobile.com Ltd
  • eBay, comparison websites, and other auction prices are excluded. The price you are comparing must be a comparable fixed price offered on a recycling company website that is being offered at the time of making a claim.
  • The price you are comparing must be listed and quoted in pounds sterling on a UK-based recycling website
  • The following exclusions apply to price comparisons:
    • Prices that are conditional on making other related transactions, for example buying a new device alongside the trade in
    • Prices that are outside of the public domain or involve special eligibility including, but not limited to, staff deals, closed user groups and members loyalty schemes
    • Prices that are part of any other discount or special offer
  • The decision whether or not to honour a claim is at the sole discretion of SellMyMobile.com Ltd

How to claim the difference:

To claim, email us and include all of the below in your message.

Your details:

  • Your first name and surname:
  • Your phone number:
  • Your email address:

Your order details:

  • The name of the recycling company you placed an order with:
  • The model of phone being sold, including the capacity, condition, and network (e.g. iPhone 7 32GB, Working, Unlocked):
  • Your order number from SellMyMobile (see confirmation email if applicable):
  • Your order number from the recycling company (see confirmation email from recycler):
  • The date you placed your order:
  • The quote you were offered (£):

Details of higher price

  • The name of the company with the better offer:
  • The full web address of the page with the higher price:
  • The date you saw the higher price:

Email us:


Please set 'Best Price Guarantee' as the subject line.