How mobile recycling works

Ready to sell your old phone or tablet? We're here to help - in just a few simple steps, you could find your electronics cleared out and a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

SellMyMobile is a mobile recycling comparison site. When you want to sell an old gadget, you can compare tons of quotes from tech recyclers all in one place. Our quotes are ranked by how much recylers will pay for your device or their Trustpilot Review rating, so you can choose the best one and get the most money.

All you have to do is find your quotes, choose an offer, and send the recycler your phone - and get paid.

Here's how it works, in detail.

Sell your phone

1. Find your gadget

First of all, find the phone or tablet you want to sell on our site. Type its model name into the search bar, or look for it on our sell your phone page. Then select the right model, internal storage size, network, and condition from the list.

Got a broken or damaged device? See our guide to selling broken phones if you need help.

2. Compare offers

Take a look at all the available offers on your device. We gather them up from the many mobile recycling companies we work with, so you can get a good view of the marketplace and how much you can really get for your phone from tech recyclers.

We'll show you all the quotes, as well as a little more information about each company - such as its postage policy, payment options, and our star rating.

3. Pick an offer and sign up

Select the offer you like best. We'll take you to the recycler's checkout, where you can enter your details and register your order.

You'll get an email confirmation, and then you'll have a set amount of time (usually 14 days, but be sure to check with the recycler) to send off your phone.

4. Post your phone

The next step is mailing your device to the recycling company.

Most of them offer free postage here. They'll either send you a postage pack in a couple of days' time, or you can print out a label and get started straight away. Some recyclers even have their own courier service that you can use.

Bear in mind, however, that recyclers' free postage options may not have the best tracking or insurance. If you're selling a valuable device - or if you just want peace of mind - it's better to arrange your own postage. Royal Mail Special Delivery is a good choice.


Whatever postage method you choose, be sure to package your phone properly. Perform a factory reset, remove any SIM or SD cards, fully charge the battery, and remove it from your iCloud account if it's an Apple device. Switch it off with the battery inside, then pack it securely in a cardboard box. You might need to cushion it with bubble wrap or polystyrene so it doesn't jostle around in transit.

5. Wait for it to arrive

Once your phone lands on the recycler's doorstep, they'll let you know, usually via email. You may be able to track its progress on their website or via the delivery service.

Problems with your phone

If there's an issue with your phone or your order, this is the point where you'll know. When a recycler receives a phone, it's briefly tested, and looked up on the CheckMend database to check whether it's stolen or network barred. You'll be emailed about this if so, and given a grace period to get it sorted. See our guide to selling lost, stolen, and barred phones for more info.

Revised quotes

Sometimes, recyclers need to change their initial offer to you - if your phone is in a different condition than expected, for instance. If you're fine with the new offer, the sale will go ahead. If you're not happy, however, you can cancel the order, which you'll need to do as soon as possible. The recycler will send your phone back - sometimes free of charge, or sometimes for a fee, depending on the recycler.

6. Get paid

All gone well? Now the recycler will send out your payment - sometimes the very same day they receive your phone.

Bank transfers will land in your account straight away, though for other payment methods (such as cheque) you may have to wait a couple of days.

That's it!

Yep, that's all there is to it - selling your old mobile couldn't be easier.

Your phone will now find new life thanks to the recycling company. It may be refurbished and sold on to someone else, or dismantled and fully recycled - and you'll have some extra cash in the bank.

See our FAQ if you need a little more info on the selling process.

If you encounter any problems along the way, get in touch with the recycler's customer service first of all - see how to contact them here.

Sell your phone