If you have an old iPad or similar tablet lying around, you probably won't be surprised to learn that it's probably still worth a fair whack, Fortunately, selling your tablet is really easy. Simply follow these three steps to use our UK recycler price comparison tool:

  1. Compare recycler prices - Search the list above and find your tablet or type it into the search bar (at the top of the page). Then click on your model to see the prices from our UK recyclers.
  2. Select an offer and send it off - Once you’ve found an offer you’re happy with, mail your tablet to the recycling company in the postage pack they provide.
  3. Get your money - As soon as the recycler receives your tablet, you receive your cash. Payment will be made by your preferred method.

Can I sell a broken tablet?

Yes, you can still sell a broken tablet. Recyclers will quote you lower prices for broken or damaged tablets, but it’s worth getting a quote as their prices will vary.

However, it’s important to correctly identify your tablet’s condition, as if it doesn’t match your device, the recycler will send you a revised price.

Why use SellMyMobile.com?

With all the tablet recycling companies out there, it can be hard work finding the best price. So, leave the heavy lifting to us.

We collect loads of quotes from UK recyclers in a handy price comparison table, so you get a quick and easy view of your old tablet’s value.

All our recyclers are vetted, and you’ll only see prices from companies we trust.

Best price guarantee

If you happen to find a better offer (within 24 hours) for recycling your tablet than through SellMymobile.com, we will happily refund you double the difference.

See the full terms and conditions of our best price guarantee here

Frequently asked questions

Why should I recycle my tablet?

It’s a quick way to make some cash and newer models can sell for a few hundred quid, so it’s worth considering. Even an older model can generate a decent price.

Plus, it’s always good to let a recycling company dispose of your unwanted electronic devices - much better for the environment.

How much is my tablet worth?

Your old tablet value depends on several factors:

  • Model
  • Age of device
  • Size of internal storage
  • Condition
  • The network it’s locked to

The tablets which get the best prices from UK recyclers tend to be the most recent models, are in the best condition, and in their original packaging.

What will happen to my recycled tablet?

Much like recycled mobile phones, most recycled tablets will be refurbished and tested, with old or damaged parts replaced, data wiped, and then sold on in the UK or overseas.

If your tablet is unsalvageable, the recycler will strip it for parts, some of which will go into refurbished phones, while recyclable elements such as nickel, platinum and gold will be melted down.