Why use SellMyMobile.com?

There are tons of mobile recycling companies out there, and it can be difficult to really find the best offer on your old tech. That's where we come in.

By pulling in quotes from tons of UK recyclers, we let you see all the available offers on your old phone side by side in our handy comparison table, helping you find the best one. We carefully vet the recyclers we feature on our site too, so you'll only see quotes from companies we trust.

Whether you're comparing prices on an old iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia feature phone, tablet, or other gadget, we're here to help.

Mobile phone comparison at SellMyMobile

As we say, it couldn't be easier to sell and compare your old handsets on SellMyMobile.com.

Here's everything you need to know:

Why recycle your old phone?

Well, for starters, recyclers will pay for your old handset.

Plus, recycling your phone is better for the environment. You see, the circuit boards in mobile phones contain harmful substances like arsenic, cadium, lead, nickel and zinc – all of which could find their way back into the ecosystem if you don’t recycle your old phones.

Moreover, some resellers also work closely with charities, who will often pass on used mobile phones to recyclers to raise funds for things like tools and school books.

Lastly, think of how tidy your drawers will be without those dusty old handsets using up space!

Recycle your broken phone for cash

Because it’s the parts inside the phone that recyclers are interested in most, the device doesn’t necessarily need to work properly. That said, you’ll get less cash if your phone is broken.

Indeed, depending on how your recycler grades your handset, you could pocket some decent cash. To find out how much, compare recyclers on SelMyMobile.

How are mobile phones recycled?

First, the recycler will find out if the phone is lost or stolen by checking its IMEI number.

After that, the recycler then extracts the most useful parts. These include the battery, Printed-Circuit-Boards (PCB) with gold connectors, LCD screens, keyboards and speakers, which are worth a lot.

Some of the materials inside your phone the recycler expect to find include: gold, silver, platinum, nickel and cadmium.

Keen to know more about mobile recycling? Check out our handy guide.

Can I recycle my old phone?

As we say, in most cases it doesn’t matter whether your phone works, recyclers will still give you cash for it.

To that end, you can start comparing deals from loads of recyclers by entering you phone's details at the top of this page.

Where can I recycle my old phone?

You can compare the best recyclers’ right here on SellMyMobile.

We compare quotes from hundreds of the UK’s top recyclers, letting you see all the offers, side-by-side, in our comparison table.

Whether you’re comparing prices for an old iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handset, we’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you.