I want my recycling website listed on SellMyMobile

We always willing to hear from recyclers who want to be listed on SellMyMobile, Here's what we need to know to start the process.

If you represent a recycling company and want to be listed on our website, please send an email to: support@sellmymobile.com with all the below questions answered.

Applications apply to both SellMyMobile.com and CompareMyMobile.com. 

  • Link to website:
  • Company name:
  • Company registration number:
  • Link to company page on Companies House:
  • Year of incorporation:
  • Registered address:
  • Address where devices will be received:
  • Average number of devices purchased per month:
  • Last financial year turnover (£):
  • Number of employees / technicians:
  • Primary contact name:
  • Primary contact job title:
  • Primary contact email address:
  • Primary contact office number:
  • Primary contact mobile number:
  • Secondary contact name:
  • Secondary contact job title:
  • Secondary contact email address:
  • Secondary contact office number:
  • Secondary contact mobile number:
  • Customer service email address:
  • Customer service number:
  • Payment methods offered (e.g. bank transfer, PayPal:
  • Quote on site is valid for how many days? (e.g. 14 days):
  • How fast do you issue payment? (e.g same day)
  • Free shipping, yes or no:
  • Free returns, yes or no:
  • Data removal, yes or no: