Want to sell your old Apple iPad? At SellMyMobile, we want to make sure you get the best deal for your unused tech. With tons of recyclers on the site to compare, you can find the one that offers you the most money.

How to sell your iPad?

It couldn't be easier to sell your old gadget for the best price with SellMyMobile. Here's how to do it.

  1. Compare quotes- Search for your Apple iPad using the search bar, and take a look at all the current prices from recyclers
  2. Send your device- Pick a quote and click through to enter your details. The recycler will send you a postage pack so you can mail them your device.
  3. Get paid- Once the recycler receives and checks your gadget, it'll send out your payment, either by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, or another method. It's that simple

Why sell your Apple device with SellMyMobile.com?

There are a lot of gadget recyclers out there, all offering different quotes for your old devices and operating a little differently.

SellMyMobile, however, lets you see as many offers as we can find on your Apple iPad in one place. You can see them all side by side, compare buyers, and pick the one that gives you the most cash and the best deal.

Selling your old devices is always a better choice than throwing them away. For a start, you can get paid for them, and get some extra cash to put towards your next iPad.

As well as that, it's much more environmentally friendly - recycling companies make sure that old gadgets are re-used, fixed up, or disposed of in a safe way.

How much is a used iPad worth?

How much you sell your iPad for depends on a number of different factors. These include:

  • If you’ve got a newer iPad, then it’ll be worth more money than an older one. For example, if you have a decade old iPad 2 , it won’t get as much as a year old iPad Pro 2.
  • Apple has made numerous iPad models since it first launched its tablet range in 2010. Smaller iPad mini models are worth less than the iPad Air, while the capacious 12.9-inch iPad Pro will draw the highest price.
  • iPads with more storage space get higher prices.
  • If your iPad is in good condition, then it will be worth more than if it has a cracked screen, scratches or water damage. The latter will see the price drop significantly, although you’ll still get something for it.

How can I sell my iPad for the most money?

Here at SellMyMobile.com, we’ll help you get the best price for your iPad, no matter how old or what condition it’s in.

Just find the model you own at the top of this page, tell us about its condition and we’ll show you which recyclers will pay you for your old tablet.

However, there are some things you can do too in order to maximise your iPad’s value:

  • Take care of it. It sounds simple, but keep your iPad in great condition and it will get more money when you come to sell.
  • Use a case. This one is important. Cracked screens and damaged frames can see prices drop, so use a cover to keep your iPad looking fresh.
  • Sell early. If you want to upgrade, don’t hang on to an old device for years as its price will decrease. Instead, sell a newer model that will attract a higher price and you’ll get more to put towards your new iPad.

What happens after I trade in my iPad?

After you sell your iPad, your chosen recycler will give it the once over to ensure it’s in the condition you said it was. This means checking for cracks, bumps and scrapes.

If all is ok, they’ll pay you right away, using your chosen method of bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

Then, your iPad will either be taken apart and its components used to repair other iPads, sold on if it’s a newer model or disposed of safely, with experts getting rid of some of the toxic materials that make up iPads.

Can I sell a broken Apple iPad?

Absolutely. Just remember that when you sell a damaged iPad, it will get less money than if it was in mint condition. When you enter your iPad’s model number, you’ll be asked to tell recyclers about its condition. Be honest, as you’ll get a more accurate quote that way.

Cracked screens and casings

If your screen is cracked or the casing is damaged, then you can still sell your iPad. The price will be lower, but if it switches on you’re good to go.

Water damage

Some recyclers won’t take water damaged iPads, as it means the components cannot always be reused. If your iPad is water damaged, speak directly with your chosen recycler and they’ll tell you their policy. Remember you’ll get less for a water damaged iPad.

How can I tell which model of iPad I have?

There are two ways to tell which iPad model you have. Either look on the back of the device to see the model number (it’s down at the bottom) or tap Settings and then About. There you’ll see the model number as well as how much storage it has.

Should I factory reset my iPad before trading it in?

Recyclers will factory reset your iPad for you, as long as you turn off security functions such as Face ID, Touch ID and passcode. However, we advise against this. Factory resetting your own iPad will ensure your data stays secure, just in case your old iPad goes missing in the post.

How to factory reset your iPad

It’s easy to factory reset your iPad.  But before you do, head into iCloud (by tapping on your Apple ID in Settings) and ensuring everything is backed up.

Then, in Settings, tap General, Transfer or Reset iPad and then hit Erase All Content and Settings. This will take your iPad back to its original state.

Are old iPads recycled?

All old iPads are either recycled, their components used for refurbished models or taken apart and disposed of safely.

The oldest iPads are unlikely to be reused, while newer ones are, but rest assured that recycling with SellMyMobile.com means your ageing tablet will be taken care of in a safe and ethical way.

What other devices can I sell?

If you have some old gadgets, phones or tablets lying around then you'll likely be able to get some cash for it. As well as iPads, you can sell iPhones, android devices and smartwatches through SellMyMobile.