Why use SellMyMobile.com to sell my Apple iPhone 8?

Finding the best gadget recycler for your Apple iPhone 8 can feel like a big task. But at SellMyMobile.com, we show you loads of quotes for your Apple iPhone 8 in one place, meaning you can compare them all to see which one gives you the best deal.

We're 100% impartial and have years of experience in tech recycling, meaning we’re committed to getting you the most money for your old gadgets.

Selling your old iPhone to a recycler is far better for the planet than just throwing it away. Mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets can seriously harm the environment when not disposed of properly - a recycler will make sure they're dealt with safely.

Why should I recycle my Apple iPhone 8?

Recycling your iPhone 8 makes sense for two big reasons. For you, it means an injection of cash to put towards a newer handset, maybe a sparkling new iPhone.

But it’s even better for the environment, as the components and materials used to make the phone are disposed of in the safest way possible.

What is the process for Selling my Apple iPhone 8?

The process for selling your Apple iPhone 8 with SellMyMobile.com is easy. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Compare quotes - Search for your Apple iPhone 8 using the search bar or click on your device where you see it on this page. Then take a look at all the current prices on offer from recyclers
  2. Send your device - Once you’ve found a quote you like, click through and enter your details and tell the recycler about the condition of your iPhone 8. The recycler will then send you a postage pack so you can mail them your device.
  3. Get paid - Once the recycler receives and checks your Apple iPhone 8, they’ll send out your payment, either by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, or your preferred method. That’s it!

How can I sell my Apple iPhone 8 for the best price?

We are so confident that our SellMyMobile.com partners will get you the best price possible for your Apple iPhone 8 that if you find a better offer within 24 hours, we'll refund you the difference.See the full terms and conditions of our best price guarantee here.

How do I sell my Apple iPhone 8?

Selling your Apple iPhone 8 with SellMyMobile.com is easy. Back it up and wipe it of data before you send it off, for your own added security.

You can do this by tapping Settings and checking all your apps and data are saved in iCloud, before performing a factory reset of the device.Then, look for your Apple iPhone 8 using the SellMyMobile.com search tool or by clicking on its picture on this page, tell us how much storage it has and if it’s damaged.

When you click through, you’ll see a page comparing prices from our carefully vetted recycling partners. Find the best price and they’ll send you a special pack so you can post it to them. It’s really that easy.

How much is my Apple iPhone 8 worth?

It all depends on what condition your Apple iPhone 8 is in. Currently, you can get a low price of £20 and a top one of £115. Remember that higher prices are paid for phones that are in good condition.

You can find out how much your Apple iPhone 8 is worth by searching for it at the top of this page or clicking on its image and following the links.

Can I sell a broken Apple iPhone 8?

You can, but you need to remember that if your Apple iPhone 8 is broken, it won’t be worth as much money. Despite that, you will get something for it, even if it’s in really bad shape.

By sending it to a recycler, your phone’s components may be reused and the rest disposed of safely. That’s great news for the planet.

When you sell your iPhone 8, you’ll be asked to tick a box saying whether the device is broken or not and asked for details. The prices shown will then reflect the damage to the handset.

Can I sell an Apple iPhone 8 with water damage?

It’s all down to the recycler’s own policy. Water damage can often mean an Apple iPhone 8 won’t turn on at all. If that’s the case, some recyclers may decide not to take it.

If you choose the ‘broken’ option when looking for quotes, you’ll see which recyclers accept water damaged handsets.

Can I sell my Apple iPhone 8 with a cracked screen?

Recyclers may accept an Apple iPhone 8 with a cracked screen, as it’s something that’s relatively easy to repair, meaning they can potentially resell your old device. Just be honest. If you’re not, then you may not get a realistic quote.

How to prepare an Apple iPhone 8 to sell

First, check it over for any damage. Tell the truth about its condition when searching for quotes.

Once you have found one you are happy with, it’s a good idea to perform a factory reset in the Settings app.

Before you do, make sure that your Apple iPhone 8 is backed up in iCloud. You can check this by tapping on your Apple ID when you open the Settings app.

That means that if you opt for a new iPhone, your old apps, games, files and photos will all show up just as they were on the handset you sold.

Then it’s simply a case of waiting for your recycler to send their packaging, before posting your iPhone 8 and waiting for it to be given the once over ahead of payment.

Do I need to wipe my Apple iPhone 8 before selling?

Apple’s security is first rate, but if someone manages to guess your passcode, then you could expose your data if you don’t wipe it. When selling any phone or tablet, it’s a good idea to wipe it completely, although recyclers do promise to do this for you.

Tap Settings on your iPhone and check that your data is backed up to iCloud by tapping on your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Then head back to the main Settings screen, tap General and scroll down to Reset.

What will happen to my Apple iPhone 8?

If your Apple iPhone 8 is in good nick, the recycler you choose may decide to refurbish it before selling it on to someone else. Alternatively, it may take it apart and use the components to fix other iPhones.

If it’s seriously damaged, then their teams of experts will carefully dismantle the phone and dispose of and recycle as much as they possibly can.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my contract phone and keep the sim?

Before you do, call and check with your network. In general, your phone belongs to you, even if it is on contract.

However, it’s worth remembering that you will need to make any monthly contract payments until the end of your term, and to check whether your network will take additional payments once that term is up.

Can I trust mobile recyclers?

At SellMyMobile, we pride ourselves on the fact that we only work with resellers that we trust.

In fact, every company we work with is vetted, which means we only show resellers that will offer you a reliable service, treat you fairly and deal with your phone properly.

How long does it take to get paid?

Getting paid is always quick and easy when using recyclers through SellMyMobile.com. But the timeframe for you to receive payment for your Apple iPhone 8 64GB  differs depending on the recycler you choose.

With some recyclers, you can expect your payment the same day they receive your phone. Others may take a little longer. But you shouldn’t be waiting more than a few days.

It’s worth noting that while bank transfers generally land in your account instantly, you may have to wait a few days for other payment methods, especially if you’ve opted for a cheque.

How will I be paid for a trade in?

When you sell an old Apple iPhone 8 64GB, you can choose how you get paid. This can be by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, voucher, gift card or a charity donation.