Cache in the attic

We've analysed the value of collectable, vintage PCs to see what they're worth today. Find out if you could have a fortune hiding in your attic.

With people upgrading their mobile phones, games consoles, laptops, and PC’s every few years, the life span of our personal electronics are relatively short.

And while some are exchanged or recycled, others are boxed up and put away where they can sit for years gathering dust.

However, just as some people collect comic books, coins, or trading cards, there’s also a niche market for rare or vintage PC’s and retro video games consoles – meaning that someone out there could be willing to pay good money for your old tech. looked at some of the most valuable vintage computers, including the rare items that have actually increased in value over time, to help you find out if there's a small fortune hiding in your attic.

Cache in the attic main


  1. An analysis of the value of vintage computers and video game consoles features on and pricecharting.
  2. Original price is the retail price of entry level models or construction kits where applicable.
  3. Value of vintage computers taken from the most recent winning bid of items sold at auction in the last 10 years. Where no traditional auction price was available, prices were sourced from most recent confirmed winning bid on eBay.
  4. Games console values are the average of loose and in box items tracked by pricecharting, where not available prices were sourced from most recent confirmed winning bid on eBay.
  5. Items must be complete and in working condition and only lots with open bidding were considered I.E. no "buy it now" prices.
  6. Only items that had a resale value of over $80 have been included.

Sources:, PriceCharting, aargh, RRAuctions, Bonhams, LiveAuctioneers