How to post your mobile phone to a recycler

Thankfully, posting your old handset to a mobile recycler couldn’t be easier. But to make sure your phone is delivered securely and with the least amount of fuss, there are some important things you need to do. Read on for the details...

Yup, these days, it’s not just cards to your granny that can be sent in the post – it’s old handsets, too. And, as you’d expect, mobile recyclers will do all they can to make the process as easy as possible.

Thing is, how much will it cost you? What do you need to include in the package? And what are some of the best ways to safeguard your device from damage in transit?

Let’s take a look…

How do I post my phone?

After you’ve accepted an offer for your old handset, you should get a notification from the recycler via email. Then, after a few days, the recycler will send a postage pack. If you haven’t received the pack after a few weeks, contact the recycler’s customer service team.

Once the recycler receives your phone, it’ll send you a confirmation email. Bear in mind, though, postage packs can take several days to reach their destination, so don’t panic if you haven’t heard anything after a couple of days. But if you’ve waited longer than a couple of weeks, get in touch with customer service.

If you’d prefer to send the phone yourself, you can do so via Royal Mail Special. Posting via Royal Mail also means you can track your order for extra peace of mind.

What do I send in the postage pack?

Naturally, you’ll need to include the phone you’re selling, along with a working battery. 

Important things you'll need to do before you post your phone

Here’s some other things you’ll need to do:

  • Perform a factory reset on the phone and fully charge the battery. The process will vary depending on your handset. On iPhone, for example, tap Settings > General > Reset. Then hit Erase all content and Settings. You might have to enter a pass-code if you’ve set one up. If you own an Android, go into Settings > Backup > Reset. Then tap Factory data reset and Reset phone. Again, to erase your data, you’ll be asked to enter your pass-code.
  • Secure the phone against movement in the pack. To avoid damage in transit, we recommend placing rigid cardboard around your device. And if you have bubble wrap or card to work as extra cushion, even better.
  • Don’t send more than two phones in one package. Although most providers will allow you to send two phones in one package, we don’t recommend it. With two phones, there’s more chance that one of them could suffer damage.
  • Remove any SIM cards. To protect your data, make sure you remove your SIM card from your device before you send it to the recycler. This is especially important, so it’s double checking before you box your phone.
  • Delete your iCloud account. Although you might not relalize it, if your an Apple user and don't delete your iCloud account, you may incur charges. To that end, ensure you delete your account before you send off your phone.

Will I have to pay for postage?

Generally, no. Most of the buyers on our site, for example, provide free postage. However, this is not a given, so it’s best to check in advance.

Remember, though, even if free postage is offered, you can still send your phone via Royal Mail Special Delivery or a courier service if you’d prefer. This is especially recommended if you’re sending a high value phone.

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