Use SellMyMobile to sell your iPhone 12 Mini for a great price and help the environment too.

Sell my iPhone 12 Mini

Sell your iPhone 12 Mini using SellMyMobile and you’ll be able to attract a great price from one of our carefully selected recycling partners. On top of that, your old phone will either be reused or recycled with nothing going to landfill.

How do I sell my iPhone 12 Mini

You can sell your iPhone 12 Mini with ease just by following these steps:

  1. Compare offers – Check the table above for the latest offers from mobile recyclers. Let us know what storage it has, if it’s locked or unlocked and whether it’s broken. We’ll then show you the best prices for your iPhone 12 Mini
  2. Send your devicein - Choose the offer you like the look of, then click it to go straight to the recycler and enter your details. Then they’ll send you a postage pack for your iPhone 12 Mini
  3. Get paid - Your recycler will give your iPhone 12 Mini a once over so they can see it’s in the condition they’re expecting. After that, they’ll send your money using your preferred payment method - bank transfer, cheque or PayPal

Can I sell my iPhone 12 Mini if it’s damaged?

Yes, you can sell your iPhone 12 Mini if it’s damaged. All you need to do is click the ‘broken’ button when telling us about your device and you’ll see deals that reflect that.

Remember, you won’t get as much money for a damaged iPhone 12 Mini, but you will get paid and your old iPhone will still be useful to recyclers who want to repair other phones.

For more information on what kind of damage is accepted, see our page on selling broken phones.

How much can I sell my iPhone 12 Mini for?

Prices for your iPhone 12 Mini will vary depending on its condition and the amount of storage it has.

Take a look above and use the filters to find the most accurate, up-to-date offers from mobile recyclers.

When is the best time to trade in my iPhone 12 Mini?

The best time to trade in your iPhone 12 Mini is ahead of Apple’s annual iPhone launch event held every September. That way you’ll get a higher price, as it’s around this time that the market is flooded with older phones as consumers look to cash in and buy the California giant’s hottest new phone.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once you’ve sent your iPhone 12 Mini off to your recycler, they’ll check your device and should pay you within a week via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

Why should I trade in my phone with SellMyMobile?

Using SellMyMobile is the smart choice if you want to trade in your iPhone 12 Mini. Not only will we pair you with properly vetted recyclers, our partners will always pay a fair price and ensure that your old phone is either reconditioned for resale or recycled for parts.

Nothing will go to landfill, meaning this is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of your old phone.

What other iPhones can I sell?

You can sell all kinds of iPhones through SellMyMobile. Recyclers will take older iPhone 11 models, full sized iPhone 12 handsets and the newer iPhone 13. They’ll also happily buy the latest devices from Apple, including the iPhone 14 Pro

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my iPhone 12 Mini if it’s water damaged?

Yes, you can sell a water damaged iPhone 12 Mini. But be aware you’ll need to check directly with recyclers as water damaged phones are usually unusable. Remember you may only get a nominal fee for a water damaged iPhone 12 Mini.

Can I sell my iPhone 12 Mini if it’s broken?

You can sell a broken iPhone 12 Mini. Just tell us what condition it’s in and recyclers will give you a good price, albeit less than if the phone was in good condition.

What happens to my handset once it’s been traded in?

Once your iPhone 12 Mini has been traded in, it will be checked over by the recycler. They’ll then decide whether it can be resold in its current condition, repaired ahead of sale or taken apart and its components then used for recycling other phones.

Experts will then dispose of anything that cannot be recycled safely, with nothing going to landfill.