The iPhone 6s Plus, the bigger 'phablet' version of the iPhone 6s, proved very popular when it came out in 2015. It was the second phone to have a 5.5-inch screen in Apple's range, and the final one to still include a standard headphone port.

It improved subtly on the previous iPhone 6 Plus, boosting the processing power and introducing a new version of iOS along with it. If you got one of these cool handsets, it would be in grey, silver, gold, or the newly launched rose gold.

Apple's Plus phones have improved a lot since then, of course, and the 6s Plus is a bit out of date. It's probably time to sell yours for a bit of money to put towards a new phone - and SellMyMobile is here to help.

How to sell your iPhone 6s Plus

Once you've found the right model - and chosen the right storage size, condition, and network above - just follow these three simple steps to quickly and easily sell your iPhone 6s Plus.

  1. Choose an offer. Select a quote that looks good from the comparison grid above. We'll even show you each recycler's returns and payment practices as well as how much cash they're offering.
  2. Send your phone. The recycler you pick will send you a postage pack to mail them your phone in - or you can print out your own label and send it yourself.
  3. Get paid. As soon as your phone arrives with the recycler, the cash will be yours - often the very same day it's delivered.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty iPhone 6s Plus?

Don't worry - many recyclers out there will buy damaged and faulty iPhones, including broken iPhone 6s Plus models.

You can see offers on your damaged handset by choosing 'broken' under the condition options above. Compare all the available quotes, but bear in mind that prices will be lower than those for handsets in good working order.

Conditions that may count as broken include smashed screens, damaged buttons, excessive scratches, or an iffy operating system. If your phone can't be repaired at all, however - if it's snapped in two, for instance - unfortunately most recyclers won't accept it.

Exact policies here can vary a fair bit with each recycling company, so we recommend checking the terms and conditions if you have any doubts.

Can I sell a water damaged iPhone 6s Plus?

Far fewer recyclers will buy smartphones with water damage, sadly - but some do, and that's good news since the iPhone 6s Plus wasn't water-resistant.

Those that will accept a water damaged phone will usually only buy it if it otherwise works fine, though it'll still count as broken. Others won't buy phones with any liquid ingress at all, so you may not have quite as much choice.

If your iPhone 6s Plus has water damage, search for quotes on broken models as above. Do check the recycler's terms, however, or choose one with free returns if you're not sure what will get accepted.

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