The iPhone 6s first came out in 2015, along with the slightly larger iPhone 6s Plus. It took what the iPhone 6 had introduced and fine-tuned it - adding features like a 3D Touch display and Live Photos, and bumping the cameras up to 12MP and 5MP lenses.

It's no longer the latest iPhone though, of course.  If you like to keep up with the latest tech, your iPhone 6s is probably a bit old hat now, and you're ready for an upgrade - even if the 6s was the last generation of Apple's smartphones to include a headphone jack.

To get selling your old iPhone 6s, here's everything you need to know.

How to sell your iPhone 6s

You'll get the most money for your old phone by comparing offers from top recyclers with SellMyMobile. Use the comparison table on this page to see all the quotes we've found on the iPhone 6s from tons of top UK recyclers, and choose one you like. We recommend picking an offer that gives you a high quote from a company you trust with services that suit you.

Once you've selected one, enter your details to register, and send the buyer your phone with the postage pack they give you. Your payment will be sent out once they receive it and check it over.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty iPhone 6s?

Yes - many recycling companies buy iPhones that are broken, whether they have smashed screens, dents in the body, big scratches, a corrupt OS, or other faults.

Select the 'broken' condition above to see all the available quotes right now on a damaged iPhone 6s. Prices will be lower than they are for working or brand new handsets, though you should still have a bit of choice - just be aware that the recycler may revise its initial quote once it's checked your phone over.

Sadly, some handset conditions can't be accepted, such as phones that are broken in two, or ones that have SIM cards or other parts glued in.

Can I sell a water damaged iPhone 6s?

Very few recycling companies buy iPhones with liquid damage, but some certainly do - as long as your phone still works otherwise.

To find them, just look for offers on a broken iPhone 6s as above. Once you've chosen an offer, check the recycler's terms and conditions if you're not sure whether a water damaged phone will be accepted - or make sure you pick a company that offers free returns.

Be as honest as possible about the condition of your phone, and you'll get the most accurate quotes.

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