Apple's 2016 smartphone, the iPhone 7, was a controversial model. It was the first iPhone to be water- and dust-resistant, but also the first to remove the standard headphone jack - which displeased a lot of Apple fans.

Despite that, it was one of the best smartphones you could get at the time, with new camera features, better processors and memory, and faster performance than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s.

Today though, that's no longer the case - Apple's tech has moved on, introducing things like higher specs and edge-to-edge displays. Ready for a newer iPhone, or a handset that you can plug your headphones into? Here's all you need to know to get selling your old iPhone 7.

How to sell your iPhone 7 32GB

Selling your old phone is easy when you use SellMyMobile. See the table above for all the offers we've found from top mobile recyclers on the iPhone 7.

All you need to do is select the right condition, network, and storage size for your phone, and choose an offer from the grid that you like. Remember to look at how much money the recycler is offering, their payment and return policies, and how highly they're rated. Once you decide on one, just click through and give us your details.

You'll get a postage pack or label for mailing the recycler your phone - and they'll pay you once they receive it, either by bank transfer, PayPal, or cheque.

Can I sell a broken, damaged, or faulty iPhone 7 32GB?

Yes, plenty of recycling companies buy iPhones that have cracked screens, scratched or chipped frames, faulty buttons or ports, and other kinds of damage.

Find offers on your broken iPhone 7 32GB by choosing the 'broken' option above - this will show you quotes for a damaged handset.

Bear in mind that most recyclers pay quite a bit less for faulty mobiles, but there's still a good chance you can get some cash. Just make sure you're as honest as possible about your phone's condition so you get accurate quotes.

Can I sell a water damaged iPhone 7 32GB?

Although the iPhone 7 is certified as water-resistant, it can still sustain water damage if it gets a bit too wet - and sadly this can affect its trade-in price.

Luckily, a number of recyclers will buy an iPhone with water damage, as long as your phone still basically works. If it doesn't even switch on, however, we're afraid it's probably beyond repair and you may not be able to trade it in.

To sell a liquid damaged iPhone 7 32GB, look for offers on a broken handset on this page - and check with the recycler if you're not sure it'll be accepted.

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