Cash My Mac review

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About Cash My Mac

Cash My Mac recycles a big range of old tech. It specialises in Mac computers, as its name suggests, but it also buys PCs, MP3 players, smart watches, TV boxes, and of course a handful of mobiles and tablets.

The company buys phones and tablets regardless of whether they're brand new, used, damaged or faulty - as long as you include the charging cable, Cash My Mac is happy.

Its quotes on gadgets that are new or in good condition are pretty competitive, but it does knock a decent chunk off that price if your device is faulty or in poor condition. It offers significantly more for unlocked phones too, so if yours is locked to a network it may be worth unlocking it.

The recycler refurbishes and resells most devices it buys, so the better the condition your phone is in, the more cash it's willing to pay. It also means it's serious about data sterilisation, putting extra time and effort into safely and permanently deleting any fragments of personal data left on your device.

Posting your mobile to Cash My Mac is free, and they'll even arrange a courier service for more valuable items. Returns carry a fee though, so keep that in mind.

Payment is available by either bank transfer or PayPal, and the company will send it out within three days of receiving your phone.