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About click2recycle

Click2recycle is a UK gadget recycling company that buys a huge range of electronics. It isn't just interested in phones and tablets - it also buys and recycles things like games consoles, cameras, sat navs, MP3 players, and more.

Most phones that it buys are smartphones, including some of the newest models around, though it will buy handsets as old as the iPhone 4. Even if you have an older phone that recyclers value at £0, you can still send it across to click2recycle to make it's disposed of in the right way.

For each phone or tablet, click2recycle has a range of different quotes that they'll offer you, depending on what condition your gadget is in. Make sure you click the most accurate description - brand new, good, average, or faulty - so you get the right amount of cash.

Most phones that come click2recycle's way are checked over, fixed and refurbished if they're damaged, then re-sold to other markets.