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About Digital Recycling

Hailing from Walsall, Digital Recycling is a relatively new face on the tech recycling scene. It buys a modest range of smartphones, and is happy to buy new, used, and faulty handsets.

It offers decent quotes on old phones that are in good condition, but much less for broken and faulty ones. It'll buy mobiles with cracked screens, dodgy cameras, lots of scuffs and scratches, or other broken parts, though it won't accept ones with any degree of water damage.

It provides free postage when you mail them your phone, and if your quote gets revised and you're not happy with it, the company will return your device for free as well.

A good variety of payment methods are available, including bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, and sometimes vouchers. Same day payment is possible - on the day your phone arrives with the recycler - but in most cases it'll be sent out the next day.

And, as its name promises, any mobile phones that Digital Recycling buys are re-used or recycled. The company will either refurbish your old phone and find it a new home, or dispose of it properly if it can't be repaired.