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About Envirofone

Envirofone is one of the biggest gadget recycling companies in the UK - and one you've probably heard of. It's been buying the nation's old gizmos since 2005, and in that time it's also become one of the most trusted phone buyers around too.

You can sell almost any phone to Envirofone, including broken and damaged handsets, from the latest iPhone to old Nokia feature phones.

Posting your phone to Envirofone is always free, and it promises that the price you're offered for your gadget on the website is what you'll get - or it'll mail you your phone back, free of charge.

It also promises same-day payment, so your money will land directly in your bank the same day the company receives your old device. You can also take payment in the form of 'EnviroCash' - this gives you 10% more, but you can only spend it in Envirofone's shop.

As for what happens to your old phone, Envirofone operate on a 'recovery, reuse, or recycle' basis. Your phone will either be checked over and sold elsewhere; refurbished and sold for a significantly lower price; or taken apart and fully recycled.