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About Fone Wizard

Essex-based Fone Wizard is committed to helping the environment - it says it reuses or recycles every single device that comes its way.

It mostly buys mobile phones and tablets, along with a few other gadgets too such as smartwatches. It'll also buy broken and damaged phones, including ones with scratches, chips, and cracked screens.

Payment is available by bank transfer or cheque, and is sent out on the same day Fone Wizard receives your device. If you choose the bank transfer option, the company says you could be paid in as little as two hours from when your phone arrives on its doorstep.

Free postage to Fone Wizard is available, and it offers free returns if you're not happy with your order as well.

Most mobile that the company buys are refurbished where possible and sold on elsewhere. Phones that are considered beyond economic repair are instead taken apart and recycled responsibly.