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About Gadget Converter

Gadget Converter is a mobile phone and tablet recycling company that specialises in 'converting' your old phone from an unwanted gadget into a fresh one. It mostly buys smartphones, and is happy to buy your old phone whether it's working, broken, or even brand new in its original box.

Working phones get you more money than broken ones from Gadget Converter, of course, and it pays more for unlocked phones too.

Make sure you select the correct condition before selling your handset, however - if Gadget Converter sends a revised quote based on its condition and you reject it, a postage fee will apply to get it sent back to you.

Most handsets that Gadget Converter buys are fixed, refurbished, and re-sold - particularly in developing countries. The company is committed to being environmentally friendly, so any smartphones it can't fix and sell are instead recycled and disposed of safely.

It pays for phones by either cheque or bank transfer, and mailing your device is free.