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About Gadget Panda

Based in Cheltenham, Gadget Panda is a company that buys the UK's old smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, smartwatches, and other gizmos. It doesn't buy a huge range of mobiles compared with some firms, but it has competitive quotes for those that it does.

You can sell most kinds of iPhone to Gadget Panda, and all kinds of recent smartphones too. It doesn't buy faulty or broken phones, but you can get a decent price for an old phone in basic working order. If your phone turns out to be in a different condition than expected, Gadget Panda will send you a revised quote - and if you reject it, your phone is returned to you at no extra charge.

Payment from Gadget Panda is available by bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal. Bear in mind it isn't free to post your phone to the company right now - when you're choosing who to sell it to, remember to weight up your options with postage in mind for this one.

As for what happens to your phone - Gadget Panda focuses on rehabilitation. Most gadgets that it buys are either checked over and re-sold, or passed on to other companies to be fixed up and sold as refurbished models.