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About GadgetReclaim

GadgetReclaim is an electronics recycler from Sunderland. It offers competitive quotes on most phones it buys, and prides itself on being a fast and efficient company to work with.

It buys a big range of devices - as well as mobile phones and tablets, GadgetReclaim also accepts iPods, games consoles, smartwatches, TV boxes, and other items. You can even sell broken and damaged handsets to GadgetReclaim, though it pays less for them than it does for fully working versions.

In keeping with its promise of speed and efficiency, GadgetReclaim guarantees same-day payments for your devices. It'll pay you for your phone the very same day it receives it, either by bank transfer or PayPal.

It also offers free tracked postage when you send your phone. And if it can't honour its initial quote - if the phone is in a different condition from what it was expecting, for instance - your device can be returned to you for free.