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About Gecko Mobile Recycling

Gecko Mobile Recycling operates out of Exeter, and aims to be as transparent as possible with its customers when purchasing your old devices.

The company buys and recycles old phones and tablets - and while there isn't a huge range of devices that it buys, it offers decent quotes on some models.

It will happily buy working phones, damaged phones, and, unlike a lot of recyclers, it sometimes buys 'dead' phones with more serious faults. With this gradation system, you can be more sure of exactly what price you'll get for your old mobile with Gecko, even if it's a broken handset.

Postage to Gecko Mobile Recycling is free, and it promises same day payment as soon as it receives your phone too - either by bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, or even bitcoin.

Gecko mostly refurbishes the handsets it receives, fixing them up and selling them on elsewhere.