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Mobile network giffgaff not only sells smartphones, but buys them through its marketplace too - and you don't have to be a giffgaff customer to sell it yours.

It buys a good spread of smartphones, including some quite old ones, and pays out for broken phones too. That includes handsets with cracked screens or damaged casing, but not ones with water damage, or ones that don't switch on.

Watch out though, as it knocks off quite a bit of cash for broken versions of some models, even for just cosmetic damage.

Most of the phones it buys will be refurbished and resold, so the better the condition of your device, the more cash giffgaff will offer. Any that can't be mended are broken down and recycled in the right way.

Payment is available by only bank transfer, and giffgaff will pay it out within one working day of receiving your phone. If your quote is revised after your phone is tested, you can have it returned for free - but you'll need to act fast, and let them know you want it back within 48 hours of getting your new quote.

Posting your phone to giffgaff's marketplace is free too, of course, either with a postage pack or a print-out label. Higher value phones get sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery, which has the bonus of letting you track your package.