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About GoodBuyTech

GoodBuyTech only buys a small range of gadgets, including a few laptops and mobiles, but it has very competitive offers on the things it does buy.

It'll accept your old mobile even if it's broken, damaged, or faulty, though its highest offers of all - and sometimes the highest offered by any recycler - are on gadgets in good, fully working condition. Its quotes work on a sliding graded scale based on what condition your phone is in, and on exactly what way it's damaged. It'll offer less for a broken phone, of course, but quotes are still pretty decent.

Unlike a lot of recyclers, GoodBuyTech doesn't knock money off if your phone is locked to a network. That means there's no need to go through the hassle of getting it unlocked if you're ready to sell.

The company also offers free postage to send them your phone, either with a print-out postage label, or through UPS at one of their access points. It's better to choose the UPS courier if you're selling a particularly valuable phone.

Payment is available by direct bank transfer or by PayPal, and GoodBuyTech promises same day payment once your phone arrives at its HQ.