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About KasoRecycle

Peterborough-based KasoRecycle is a mobile phone and tablet recycling company. It buys a small but decent range of models, including plenty of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, and will happily buy your old gadgets whether they're working, broken, a bit damaged, or brand new in their original packaging.

Unlike a lot of mobile recyclers, it'll even offer a little extra money if you can include accessories like a mains charger.

KasoRecycle covers postage too, so you won't have to spend anything to sell the company your phone. However, bear in mind that in cases where it revises its initial quote to you, it doesn't offer free returns - if you're not happy with the new amount, you'll need to pay for postage to get your phone back.

If all goes smoothly though, the company promises same day payment, meaning it'll send out your payment on the day it receives and processes your device. You can choose to be paid by either bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal.