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About MC Recycle

Formerly known as M&C Solution, MC Recycle buys a massive range of phones and tablets - whatever model you want to sell, there's a pretty good chance they'll make an offer on it. That's as well as the many laptops, smart watches, and other tech that it buys and recycles too.

It offers the most cash for fully working phones in good condition, but it does also buy some broken and faulty handsets - just not for all phone models, sadly. It also doesn't accept any model of phone with water damage.

In some cases, it'll pay the same amount for your phone regardless of whether it's unlocked or locked to a network - though, again, not on all models. Still, it's a nice rarity that you don't get from a lot of mobile recyclers.

Free postage is available if you sell to MC Recycle - you can either get a post pack to mail your phone off in, or just print out a label yourself - though returns carry a fee, so beware of that.

It also promises same-day payment as soon as it receives your phone, by your choice of bank transfer or PayPal.