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About Money For Your Phone

Rochdale-based Money For Your Phone does exactly what it says on the tin: it buys your old phones. There's a huge range of handsets that the company buys and recycles, along with a few tablets, MP3 players, and other gadgets.

It buys damaged and broken mobiles too, though it pays considerably less for them than it does for working models.

You can even donate very old feature phones that can't be sold for cash. Postage is free and fully covered by Money For Your Phone, and it ensures your old mobile will be disposed of in the right way.

If you're able to sell it for cash, meanwhile, Money For Your Phone sends payments out on the same day it receives and tests your device, by either bank transfer or PayPal.

Most phones it gets sent are refurbished and sent elsewhere. Your old handset will most likely find a new home in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa.