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About musicMagpie

As one of the UK's biggest names in tech recycling, you've probably heard of musicMagpie. The firm started off by buying all our old CDs, DVDs, games, and books - and now buys gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, Kindles, smartwatches, games consoles, and laptops as well.

The majority of its quotes are very competitive, often making it the buyer offering the most money for a lot of handsets, and will happily buy phones that are brand new, used, in poor condition, or faulty.

Free postage is offered on all items, including the choice to use one of its ParcelShops if your order qualifies (most mobile phone sales do). Here, you can drop your packaged items off, and they'll make their way to musicMagpie fully insured at no extra cost.

Once your old phones arrives on musicMagpie's doorstep and is checked over, it'll send payment out the same day - either by bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal. You can also ask musicMagpie to donate the amount to charity instead.

Most items that come the company's way are re-sold - either direct from the musicMagpie shop, or through other retailers and markets elsewhere.