O2 Recycle review

Read all about O2 Recycle, a mobile recycling company featured on SellMyMobile.com.

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About O2 Recycle

It's not just a place to buy a phone - with O2, you can also sell your mobile, and it'll happily buy your old phone off you whether or not you're an O2 mobile customer.

It buys a large number of different models of phone, as well as various tablets, wearables, cameras, and other gadgets too. Mobiles are its speciality though, of course.

You can even sell broken handsets to O2 Recycle, and it works out how much you can get for a damaged phone on a quite stringent sliding scale - meaning you can get a very accurate quote right away. It'll even buy your old phone if it has water damage, as long as it still turns on and basically functions.

Free postage is available when you sell to O2, and returns are free too if you're not satisfied. If your quote gets revised after the recycler receives your phone and you're not happy with it, be warned that you'll only have 48 hours to reject it (though the return postage is still free).

As for payment, you have quite a few options. You can choose a bank transfer, cheque, or, if you're an O2 mobile customer, credit straight to your O2 bill. On a Refresh contract, for instance, you can have the cost of your traded-in phone pay directly for your 'airtime cost'.

Bank transfer payments will be paid out the same day O2 Recycle gets your phone, though you'll have to allow up to five days for the other methods.